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A Great Egret in breeding plumage.

It started at sunrise. Nesting season at the rookery slowly ramped up to a grand opera. First, the Ibis left in a white wave; they were only visiting for the night. Then the full-time residents woke up, each on their schedule. But they only went for a short trip, maybe to Nest Depot for another branch, or more food for the ever-hungry chicks. I watched busy birds everywhere. Courting, working on their nest, caring for chicks, and vigorously defending their small patch of home-sweet-home. Everyone except one Great Egret. She was quietly displaying her plumage and flashing a come-hither smile. But something set her apart from the others; she was regal. She was a princess waiting for her prince.

The notecards are 5x7". They are press printed on card stock with a smooth semi-gloss surface for gorgeous color, and envelopes are included.

Choose from four styles of premium gift packaging for an extra flourish!

These notecards are also available in packages of 3, 5, and 10 cards.